Raphael Sternberg

Gardener, landscape designer and creative agriculturalist

Raphael Sternberg is a gardener, landscape designer, and creative agriculturalist. He has been crafting, planning, conceiving, and maintaining gardens of all shapes and sizes for more than 20 years.

Raphael Sternberg Landscaping was founded in 2000 in Mr. Sternberg’s hometown of Rishon LeTzion in the center of Israel. With a 500 NIS loan from family members, and a “budding” business plan, Sternberg set out to revolutionize Israel’s outdoors.

Today, he is well-known throughout the country as the foremost leader in lawn, flower, and grass patterns and conceptions. Particularly, Raphael Sternberg has established himself as an industry leader in garden trails and ponds. He finds the incorporation of water elements in any garden space to be soothing and aesthetically uplifting. The sounds of trickling streams and bubbling brooks combine with the colorful energy of plants and flowers to yield calm and beauty.

Over the years, Sternberg has planted and cultivated the grounds of private and public spaces. Modest homeowners, wealthy estate moguls, and municipal crews have all commissioned Sternberg to do work for them. Sternberg takes pride in enhancing outdoor spaces throughout the community. Just knowing that people are outside, relaxing comfortably in a park or sitting in their own yards enjoying nature, makes him happy—even if he doesn’t ever get to meet all the end users of his landscaping skill.

There is no detail too small for Raphael Sternberg and his landscaping company. Every properly placed tree, thoughtfully planted flower, and craftily sowed plant is masterfully modeled and deliberately arranged. Cumulatively, the results are stunning, soothing, and sophisticated.